• It is therefore with a heavy heart that I report that no fewer than 39 percent of my fellow Americans agree that “the government should stay out of Medicare.” Another 15 percent aren’t sure. This means that a majority of Americans (margin of error: 3 percent) is at best unsure as to whether Medicare is a government program. The left appears to have a firmer grip on reality, at least within this circumscribed realm, than the right. Sixty-two percent of McCain voters, 59 percent of self-described conservatives, and 62 percent of self-described Republicans think government should stay out of Medicare as against (a still distressingly high) 20 percent of Obama voters, 25 percent of self-described liberals, and 24 percent of self-described Democrats. Among independents, 31 percent agreed that government should stay out of Medicare.

  • Man, if you make software, you never want to be on my ‘Groan Pile.’ That’s the apps that make me Groan as soon as I realize I have to launch them. MS Word is not only the President of Groan; it’s the 4-term FDR of Groan.

  • Besides being stupid, the other problem with shake-to-do-something on the iPhone is that the iPhone is heavier and much more expensive than a nano. It’s not something you want to go flying out of your hand

    Loren Brichter, developer of Tweetie, on the Facebook iPhone application’s “shake-to-refresh” feature