It is therefore with a heavy heart that I report that no fewer than 39 percent of my fellow Americans agree that “the government should stay out of Medicare.” Another 15 percent aren’t sure. This means that a majority of Americans (margin of error: 3 percent) is at best unsure as to whether Medicare is a government program. The left appears to have a firmer grip on reality, at least within this circumscribed realm, than the right. Sixty-two percent of McCain voters, 59 percent of self-described conservatives, and 62 percent of self-described Republicans think government should stay out of Medicare as against (a still distressingly high) 20 percent of Obama voters, 25 percent of self-described liberals, and 24 percent of self-described Democrats. Among independents, 31 percent agreed that government should stay out of Medicare.

Man, if you make software, you never want to be on my ‘Groan Pile.’ That’s the apps that make me Groan as soon as I realize I have to launch them. MS Word is not only the President of Groan; it’s the 4-term FDR of Groan.

Besides being stupid, the other problem with shake-to-do-something on the iPhone is that the iPhone is heavier and much more expensive than a nano. It’s not something you want to go flying out of your hand

Loren Brichter, developer of Tweetie, on the Facebook iPhone application’s “shake-to-refresh” feature