Google TV Cost Logitech “Dearly”

Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca, as reported from hip new techno land The Verge:

De Luca suggested that Google TV was far from ready at launch, going so far as to call it “beta” software on one presentation slide, and that the company made a massive misstep by believing that it would revolutionize television right out of the gate.

It’s fascinating to me that anyone would think Google TV would revolutionize television right out of the gate, much less a CEO of a major technology firm (yeah, yeah, I know it’s Logitech).

Anyone interested in how technology firms can disrupt the current TV market should begin and end with Steve Jobs’s discussion of the lack of a viable go to market strategy. As he explains, that’s the primary obstacle to overcome. It’s not the vision or the technology. It’s getting a product to consumers that they’re willing to pay for in an environment where set-top boxes are provided for free or at very low cost. Without fixing that, you’re just adding another box.