Google TV on Lots of TVs at CES

From Electronista:

Google has removed the mystery from who its Google TV partners will be at CES with a full listing ahead of the show. Some using chips from Marvell and MediaTek, TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio will all run the Android-based TV OS. Vizio’s sets will be behind closed doors, but the rest should be public.

When Eric Schmidt said in early December that Google TV would be on a “majority” of new TVs by mid-2012, so many were quick to just dismiss him outright rather than reflect on what he might have meant. Eric Schmidt isn’t stupid and it’s probably a safe assumption that he spoke deliberately and based on concrete knowledge. Now it seems like that was indeed the case and a deluge of Google TVs are in fact on the way, for better or for worse. (My guess is the latter.)