Apple’s App Store Usage Numbers Suggest iOS 7 Adoption at 74%

iOS 7 adoption is continuing apace:

After less than three months on the market, iOS 7 is installed on some 74 percent of devices connecting to the App Store, according to a chart posted on Apple’s App Store support page for developers.“

And later:

For comparison, as [noted by TechCrunch](noted by TechCrunch), the latest version of Android – KitKat – only reports a 1.1 percent adoption rate.

Nerds should much more outraged than they are about the extent to which Google seems okay with letting Android slide down the path toward long-term mediocirty. Just because nerds can root their device and get KitKat doesn’t mean overwhelming Android market share is in any way healthy for the long-term prospects of mobile. The last thing anyone should wish for is another mediocre hegemon with 90% marketshare, like Windows in the 90s.