When Politics Gets Dirty

Dick Nixon writes about the latest Trunp/Cruz feuding:

Calling Trump a “sniveling coward”? What the hell was that? Who “snivels”? What is it?

Say “son of a bitch,” like any man whose wife is attacked.

People would understand. But Cruz, who’d obviously rehearsed the line, came off like a ship’s captain challenging a brigand to pistols at dawn.

Then he refused to disown Trump if he’s the nominee, essentially admitting that Mrs. Cruz is less important to him than a shot at being Secretary of Commerce.

So Cruz is a ruthless, high-handed snob who’d sell his wife to get ahead. We all know it, but it’s another thing to see it live.

If the Enquirer story blows—and if it’s any kind of sophisticated leak, more evidence will come—some evangelicals will stay home. Others will give up and go with Trump.

But ugly wives, rumors, the whole sordid business—it’s not about winning a bloc. It’s about television.

Trump knows, as I do, that if you slip up on television, even once, the weakness is tattooed on your chest forever.

Rubio didn’t know how to fight, so Trump made him fight.

Cruz doesn’t know how to lie.